Blue Flower


We are realistically a fairly private group of people. We tend to move about our business with a degree of quiet serenity and breeze through our SEM, digital branding and all other office related activities with a depth of calm and ease as a result of it. This is something which enables us to work with a higher degree of focus and creativity. One of the distinct points that comes from this is our approach to communications.

A Word On Contact

In order to preserve the most highly effective environment for both creativity and output our office and personal phones are always on silent. So please note that as a client leaving a message or communicating via email is a standard thing. We value all of our clients and their businesses as if they were our family. We do get back to people quickly, and we do this in a way that is most fitting for attaining best efficiency. This is something which is in your best interests. If we are constantly distracted by phones then we fail to produce our best work, and as our focus is on excellence in terms of the results we get for you as a client we are sure you can discern the sound logic here.

Who We Are

We are all from the marketing world and having been friends that worked together for many years, in various cases attending university or art school together, we all grew tired of the way many digital agencies and marketing groups work. So we decided to form our own digital marketing agency based on our own principles and the way we know we work best. Thus ASEMBLON – Alpha Search Engine Marketing Blon (or Magnificence in plain English) was born. We still have questions as to why we chose such an unusual word as Blon for part of our brand, what can we say we are creative types who diversify and break away from the norm, all things which you should realistically be seeking for excellence in any marketing agency. Especially a digital one.

Ethical SEM And Working Practices

A major element of what brought us to the point of creating our own agency was our ethics, both individually and as a group. We are all highly focused on ethics, in terms of everything we seek in the world and especially with our own behavior and work. As such we work with ethical search engine marketing practices in order to gain our clients the results they enjoy. Everything we do is on ethical lines, we expect it of others in the world and we work to it ourselves. Through doing so we help to make the world a better place through all that we do. Something which is incredibly important to us. If you wish to know more then we invite you to apply for our services, provided we find a good fit and have capacity then we look forward to getting to know you, and you us, much much better.